Saturday, 3 July 2010

Recording 'Dead Sea' - Day 5

Yesterday we did vocals all day long! 
There were a shit load of songs to get through, ideally we wanted to get them all done so that we could spend the whole of the final day mixing but it didn't really work out this way, we did get a lot done though, it's just that everything takes way longer than we initially think... especially the small things and it's the little things that count right? 

(insert small dick joke here)

Miles has loads of super high parts and and screamy bits in these songs so to keep him from blowing his voice out he would do a couple of full songs and then i would do the back ups straight away so that he could have a little rest...

I suck at singing, the difference between mine and Miles' singing stamina is pretty obvious when we are recording. I pretty much  blew my voice out just doing the back ups.
 arghhh wooo oohhh ahhh, kinda like that but load as sh*t!

In-between songs we hung out in the control room, we watched a little bit of this, some of this and a whole lot of these!

By the end of the day the checklist looked like this, it was actually pretty productive in hindsight.
One more day to go...

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