Sunday, 4 July 2010

recording 'Dead Sea' - Day 6

We carried on with vocals as soon as we got to the studio yesterday morning, we had four songs and a cover to do...

We used the same technique of Miles doing a song or two and then giving him a breather whilst i did the back ups, we got there in the end. Once the vocals were done we had a list of various other things that we still had to record, but before we could get down to doing all that stuff Pugs had to lay down one line in the Dead Milkmen cover that we have recorded, he did it in one take, what a pro!

The cover, as well as another song is going to be featured on a split 7" entitled, 'Banana Split' with New Jersey's Static Radio some time soon.

We recorded a bunch of roomy sounding screams and breathing and shit,

we recorded our friend Nic saying a couple of lines of a song over the phone

and we recorded a bunch of other bits too that will be subtly featured in various places on the record so look out for them.

That was it, we were done!

Now all that is left to do is mixing and mastering. Tim had time to mix one song and gave it to us to take away and think about, i think it sounds great so in theory mixing the rest of them shouldn't be so hard. We are heading back to the studio this coming friday to finalise everything, then the plan is to get it released as soon as possible, hopefully before october, fingers crossed!

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