Friday, 2 July 2010

Recording 'Dead Sea' - Day 4

I didn't get to the studio until lunch time yesterday, Jenks cracked on with his guitar parts until about 3:30 and then Tim finished off the rest of his parts, it took all day long but the geetars got finished!

Big Bad Roy Jenksins popped in for a quick listen on his way home from work, if we get time Roy is going to record a few guitar licks for one of the songs, i really hope we get time!

that is more or less all that happened yesterday i think... sorry that this post is kind of boring, blame Jenks and Tim i guess. We are doing the vocals tomorrow/today (geez) and then this record is done...

Last week our friend Owen Richards visited us and come to a practice session to take some photos to put together for the insert and what not - we went for a Joe's Ice Cream too.

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