Thursday, 1 July 2010

Recording 'Dead Sea' - Day 3

Yesterday we continued with the geetars...
Jenks got right into it from the word go and powered through about 5 songs

Then Tim showed up. This was the first time Tim had been here because of his grueling work schedule as Timmy train driver. As he is so pushed for time he had to boot Jenks out of the live room and get right to work with his own guitar parts - Jenks wasn't happy about this at all because he was "in the zone."

Tim got down to business and was killing lick after lick. 
Meanwhile the rest of us sat around and listened, we also drank lots of coffee... again! 
I don't usually drink any coffee at all, the caffeine is starting to mess with my mind i think.

There are quite a few songs on this record that have plenty of room for feedback and dynamic noise. Yesterday we spent quite a lot of time fucking around with pedals to try and create intense feed back, it was pretty fun listening to Tim and Jenks fuck around with it. Miles is a bit of a pro when it comes to this so he was watching them like a hawk and giving them all kinds of tips. For example, if you flip the guitar around and face it at the cabinet then you get high tones, where as holding it to the cab with the strings facing you get low tones, pretty cool right!?

These are some of the pedals the they used, most of the coolest noise was created by a pedal named, 'Dr. Distorto!'

Things are moving along swiftly but these damn 6 string folk sure take their sweet time over the in between stuff! This is what the check list looked like at 7pm;

Hopefully we will start vocals the next day (which is today as I am writing this, man, this coffee is confusing the space/time continuum in my branium.)

Thanks for stopping by!

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