Monday, 11 August 2008

recording beers DAY 4

sunday august 10th

we got to the studio at 10am, jenks was late.
tim started to mix the songs, so we listened up and gave our opinions.

at one point miles looked like this...

we looked at cool stuff on the internet quite a lot. there are some cool videos on youtube of baby pandas.

we went and got lunch at about half one, most of us ate chicago town pizza's. tim bought a bunch of ingredients to make sangria later on at sarah's house.

after lunch we tim only had one more new song to mix, so we cracked one with that. when we recorded 'blood' and 'sweat' we only had a half a day to get the mixes done, we booked a full day today so that we have enough time to put the album together once 'beers' is done. we are putting four songs off each 10" on the album along with one bonus track that isn't on any of them.

jenks put his camera on a chair and tried taking a 'band photo'

we looked dumb so he gave up and the rest of us watched judas priest videos on youtube

after that we decided on a track listing for the album and sorted out all the gaps in between the songs. then girl school arrived to talk with tim about recording a song for a compilation the next day. jon slowdance probably would be really jealous that we got to meet them.

we got all the gaps and transitions sorted and got ready to listen to it on the big speakers the whole way through we were pretty excited to hear it.
just before tim pressed play, pugs dropped in with a bottle of champagne - what a good dude!

so, the album is done - sweet!
the 'beers' 10" is out on october 26th and the full album will be out in december. we will put a song off 'beers' on our myspage page soon.

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