Thursday, 14 August 2008

in-fest 2008

we played peterborough last night with a bunch of good bands, we had to leave early though because of the long drive home, which made us miss the don ramos players set - that was a shame!
we partied pretty hard in the van on the way home, tim bought a bunch of booze from asda (thanks tim) just before we left. he pretty much bought the ingredients for sangria which meant that we were drinking pretty much sangria, that was cool.
miles bought whipped cream and squirted it all over his face, it was pretty intense! jenks squirted it all over his body and tim licked it off, i think.
we listened to bruce willis, the spotnicks, and blink 182, the cutups and more, it was fun to sing along. the most amazing thing happened - jenks had a piss and it was 1200 ml in volume, smashing the previous van record of 900 ml - holy smokes!

i had a bunch of cool photos documenting all this but ended up breaking my phone, so you will have to use your imagination.

thanks to shaun for putting us on, the don ramos players for being cool guys, tim for buying the booze and miles for driving all the way home!

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