Sunday, 10 August 2008

recording beers DAY 3

saturday august 9th

i worked late last night so i was sleepy as hell when i got to the studio. miles was already there when i arrived tracking vocals. he had just about finished one song, 'three cats.'

he was killing it so i decided to try and get some sleep.

miles sang another song and then jenks arrived, i woke up a bit and sat around saying stuff like, 'great take' and 'wowza' so he could hear it through his head phones. he was going nuts, he shouted his balls off!

we stopped for lunch, it was raining out so we didnt want to walk to the shop. luckily i brought some macaroni cheese the day before and put it in the fridge. it was highly enjoyable, tim put an aerosmith dvd on so we watched that for a bit. it was cool as ten, at one point steven tyler
was wearing a gonz vest, rad!

steven tyler is one gnarley dude, everything he said was a metaphor for writing a sweet song. he also said this,

"the difference between us old folks and all these new young bands is, all the young bands are into jerking off, whilst we are into fucking!"

its not by choice but its pretty much the opposite for us guys.

miles ate a big sausage pizza...

after that he finished off his vocal parts and i started my backing vocals, i don't like recording vocals i get really nervous and fuck my throat up quicker than i should.

jenks put some space age glasses on and that distracted me, making the nerves go away. it also distracted tim and shit got a bit carried away, future style...

jenks got pretty into it and decided to leave the studio for a new life in outer space.

we finished up all the shit, it sounds pretty sweet, we are going to mix it tomorrow.

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