Saturday, 9 August 2008

recording beers DAY 2

friday august 8th

i got to the studio a bit late because i was lazy and stayed in bed too long, when i got there the other guys were already hanging out and tim was recording his guitar parts, he had done 2 songs by the time i got there (and i wasn't that late)
- he was on fire!

rhys worked late the night before so he pretty much did this all day...

tim finished off his guitar parts and then we had lunch, no wait. we had lunch then tim finished off his guitar parts. i had 2 four cheese Chicago town pizzas, they were pretty good, you know pretty good - no macaroni cheese though.
so, once tim finished and started playing guns and roses riffs, someone unplugged him and jenks started recording his parts.

some metal dude came in when he heard jenks

me and tim looked at cool shit on the internet whilst jenks was playing.
tim has quit smoking so he needs to keep his hands busy, he pretended to smoke some spider man, sugar sticks.

spider man is cool, smoking isnt!

i had to leave for work before the end of the day, jenks wa s almost done when i left. he finished before the end of the day, i saw rhys in work and he told me that jenks was pretty amped to finish.

'beers' is sounding cool, its pretty heavy

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grow up, losers.