Saturday, 17 May 2008



so BUY OUR NEW RECORD! its sexy transparent red and has 5 cool songs on it too. either paypal it off our myspace page or get it from one of these places;

exist - oxford st. swansea

damaged records - first floor, jacob's antique centre, cardiff

punker bunker - sydney st. brighton

we recorded 'sweat' (part 2 of 'blood, sweat + beers') at the end of april. the release show for this will be july 20th and its the same deal as before - buy a ticket for £4 and get the new record on the door. this time it's a clear 10" and our good friends the slowdance and the cutups will be playing the release.

the tickets will be available online next week and we will stick a song from 'sweat' up so get into it.

also, PARTY GARBAGE - awesome indie punk rock from texas, are playing swansea next thursday at the coyote bar. come along, support the scene, have fun etc.
here is the poster...(pugs drew it)

that's pretty much everything, drop by and say hi - it's been a while!

the arteries

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