Saturday, 7 June 2008

skate protest/ tickets/ show

there is a skateboard protest is swansea on saturday june 21st. come along and bring your skateboard. the plan is to skate around in a big group causing shit. maybe do a power-slide into a policeman or something.
there will be rails and boxes and all kinds of cool shit. bring ALL your friends and make them sign the petitions. then maybe one day swansea will get a decent place to skate.

the tickets for our next record release show are for sale off our myspace page and they are now actually in the exist shop so get into it! they are just £4, you get a whole bunch of cool shit in the ticket pack and then on the night you get a FREE, that's right FREE see-through 10" with 5 brand new songs on it!!!

and last but not least, we are playing le pub next wednesday with save your breath. it has been a while so it would be rad to see a bunch of people there and maybe have a beer or two together.

take it easy,
the arteries

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