Monday, 21 April 2008

recording 'sweat'

so its day 1, we just stopped for lunch. we have laid down the bass and drums for 3 songs and have 2 more to do.

im writing this with one eye open, somehow i managed to swing my lead into my face, making the jack-end land on the back of my brain, also my chameleon died earlier, all in all its been a great morning...

so today i feel less of a loser, musically yesterday was great but i was grumpy because plugging my bass into my eyeball really hurt!
we laid down all the bass and drums and started tim's guitar tracks (which he is finishing now.)
i guess we will be having lunch once he is done and then its jenks' turn.

the songs are coming together well, its kinda like making a cake but all the recipe's ingredients involve snotty youths rocking out! instead of eggs and flour.

cool, so we just finished all the recording. miles finished off his vocals before lunch. a few microwavable meals later i sang some backing vocals and in-between then and now we've been watching 'felony fights' on the internet and recording gang vocals.

now mr. hamill is mixing, i think its going to sound pretty gnarley!

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