Monday, 17 December 2007

Jingle all the way

Ho Ho Ho! Thats the way the tour's been going so far, loads of ladies on the tour bus and wild rock and roll parties, but thats enough about the groundnuts, lets see how the arteries have been getting on.

Word on the streets is the boys have been rocking out up north and making friends in high places (altitude wise). Their heading back south tomorrow and picking up trev on the way.

Make sure you catch them at their christmas shenanigans in swansea and lePub, and bring your best dancing shoes.

Swansea - Thursday 20th, Coyote bar,8pm with bells on
Newport - Saturday 22nd, LePub, 8pm with elves on.

On behalf the the arteries, merry christmas, see you at the gigs, owen

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