Friday, 21 December 2007

december tour

hey, so we have just got back from a week or so away. We had a great time at all the shows and met a bunch of cool people and made some new friends, special thanks to Grieg, Deeker, Steve, Harry, Trev, Suzie, Duncan and Jake for hooking us up with places to stay and showing us the sights.

Our new friend Suzie took a bunch of cool photos at the Dumfries show, here are a few of them;

miles has also used up about 4 tesco value cameras so as soon as he gets them developed i will put any photos that dont have his finger covering the lens up.

Nice one if you came out to the xmas show in swansea last night, apologies for the technical/drunk problems, hope you all had fun anyway, we did!

see you tomorrow at the le pub xmas show in newport!


tfrancis said...

yo, i came down to the gig last night to shoot photos but there was no way i was getting in the moshpit with my super duper camera!

sounds like you were off your tits anyway :-p


xhalox said...

whayyyyyyyyy, they are actually pretty good. not that i dont have faith in my work lol. im sure miles photos shall put me to shame.
:) x