Tuesday, 11 December 2007

the groundnuts' blog

i spotted this in one of the groundnuts' myspace blogs and thought it was cool so here it is...

Kinsgton and Brighton weekender (23 – 25 Nov 07)

Leave Swansea late – drive to services past Bristol to meet The Arteries (also late) – drive in convoy for about 2 minutes before losing each other due to testosterone fuelled accelerator feet – meet up 2 minutes away from the venue and have a dabble – get to venue and set up – play – d
rink – sing Journey song – big boy wees – forget stuff – bed.

Get up too early – drive to Crawley – skate for 5 minutes due to rain and mud – search for café (harder than you'd think) – drive to Brighton – mooch – watch rugby – meet Arteries – go to GAK – devilishly moorish cheesecake – go to venue – meet friends – set up – play – drink – wander – turned away from many, many bars – spend several hours in lesbian bar – back to Robins – pugs gets messy – sleep – awoken by pugs and Jamie – gregaroo – sleep.

Get up too early/late – break fast – drive – reunited with families.

big boy wees - twat nav - devilishly moorish cheese cake – The Fighting Cocks - Brighton – Gregaroo - Hot Damn - The Shitty Limits - The Arteries

Big love:
El Guapo collective, John Heroic Doses, Toby Heroic Doses, Robin, The Arteries, Volvo, weekend passes, Pugs, Sam Scott Hunter, Meany, Martin Fartin

Good times!
If you are wondering what 'gregaroo' is, i will post some video evidence soon.

and here is the le pub xmas bash flyer

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