Tuesday, 24 January 2012


Sorry that it's taken us a while to update this thing. We've been laying a little lower than usual lately. Rhys hurt is hand in a hill billy chainsaw accident before christmas and is still not back to normal. We can't really jam until he's better. Fear not though, as he is on the mend and we'll be trying our best to write some sweet new jams as soon as he can grip a drumstick.

Our buddy Rory kept a diary and took a million photographs during our last Euro/UK tour. He's gradually telling the entire tale in the form of a blog. You can check it out and follow his updates HERE.

We repressed Dead Sea ourselves a few months back and more recently we put the whole record on bandcamp for 'pay what you like' download. If you've got an LP and want a digital version or just the latter then THIS IS THE PLACE TO GET IT.


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