Wednesday, 14 December 2011

almost wrapped around the earth

Sorry for the lack of updates on this here blog, we've been pretty damn busy!

We just got home from a 10 week tour, it was fun. We spent the last month in the UK and mainland Europe with The Slow Death, Mikey Erg! and our buddy Rory from Toronto, it was one hell of a trip! We had a blast hanging out together and it was really cool to catch up with so many friends that we don't get to see nearly enough. So many people helped us out along the way, If you happen to be one of them; Thanks so much, you rule!

 Here are a few snaps from my phone and from photographers at a couple of the shows;

Rory Shot a million photos through out the last month or so documenting the whole uk/euro tour, once he has sorted them out and put them online we'll share the link...

We figured out that we have travelled nearly 20,000 miles in the last two and a half months. Now we're home we're going to lay low for a little while. Jenks is starting a PHD in January so we probably won't do any solid touring until the summer. Between now and then it'd be cool if we could write and record a new LP, so we'll do our best to make that happen, we'll see. By no means will we be stagnant, so see you soon no matter what.

Oh yeah, we re pressed 'Dead Sea' ourselves and we have a bunch of new merch (with more on the way) in the SWFU online shop so check it out and buy somebody a cool looking xmas present, or even go all out and treat yourself!


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