Thursday, 25 March 2010


We had a total blast at all of the shows just gone with Bangers...

 Thanks so much to Sam, Trev, Moving North, Music for Lovers and Not Shy of the DIY for taking care of us and making sure that they all ruled, thanks loads to everyone that made an effort to come along, especially people that made it to more than one!

here are some photos that our friend Stu took at the Chuck Ragan show in swansea on saturday;

and here are some that Nathan Blaker of NGNG took;

we are going to be busy as hell over the next couple of months finishing off school but just before that stuff gets really crazy we are going to try and finish writing (and demo) our new record, it's well on it's way but we still have a whole lot to get done... 
watch this space i guess

see you in the summer time

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