Wednesday, 11 February 2009


this is what went down on our trip to london last week;

we had trouble with our van on the way to bristol so when we stopped to get jenks we called the RAC. they arrived with two options;
1. we can tow you home
2. we can tow you to london
so we got towed to exeter!

when we got to exeter nic from the computers was kind enough to let us borrow their van (thanks nic!)

as soon as we got back on course to london it started snowing really heavily. the A road that we were on looked like this;

we barely got out of second gear and at one point we skidded round a corner and almost landed the van in a big ol' ditch!
miles didn't really get any photos of the cool shit like that because he was too busy fearing for his life. oh well, i'm pretty sure that this photo of a skid mark is related...

the M3 looked like this;

you couldn't see any defining lines between the hard shoulder and the central resivation so we just went slow and stayed in lorry tracks. we left swansea at 3:30 pm and arrived in london at 5:00am!

after all that driving and 2 hours sleep the police stopped us when we were trying to park outside maida vale for having a picture of a dick on the back of the van. go catch some bad guys you lazy cops!

they laughed at jenks for being the only bad guy with stuff on his record!

we were in and out of the studio, it was a really impressive place and a good oppertunity for free coffee.

we wrote our name right next to orange goblin's in the lift. together 4 eva.

the drive back to exter was going fine, we were making good time and it looked like we would make it to the cavern to catch the cut ups at their release show, which we were really excited about! but when we got about 30 miles away this happened...

we were stuck.
there were a thousand idiots skidding around in our way and it looked like we were gunna have to camp out in the van. gutted!
the van looked like this;

and we had to do a whole lot of this;

with no lack of determination we finally made it. we left london at 6:00pm and got to exeter at 4:00am holy smokes!

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