Monday, 16 February 2009

friday was awesome, saturday sucked!


on friday a group of us spent the day at the studio seven tattoo shop getting arteries tattoos from ash and neil, it was a really good day, 16 people bit the bullet and there are more to follow this week (i think.)

*insert small dick caption here*

it was a blast hanging out with our friends and watching jump of a building and ghost busters on repeat!

We were supposed to play infest II in peterborough on saturday night but we didn't make it on account of van trouble which really sucked! we were really looking forward to the show and to hanging out with our friend shaun who was putting the whole thing on.
the fucking van did the same thin that it did on the way to maida vale the other week, even though we had it fixed last week, gutted!

we had to turn around and head home, to make sure that we didn't cook the engine we had to put water in every 2 miles. after doing that about 3 times we pulled over and waiting to get towed by the AA, it was a real shame.

on a lighter note - our maida vale session is being aired in the early hours of tomorrow morning on radio one's punk show with mike davies. if you miss it, be sure to listen again using the iplayer.

here is a cool video of jenks for your viewing pleasure;

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