Monday, 27 October 2008

beers and stuff

thanks very much to everyone that came out to the beers release show last night! we really appreciate everyone coming out and partying down.
special thanks to the computers and the groundnuts who both killed it, and also to owen, kerry and amy who pretty much made the whole night run smoothly.

for your viewing pleasure...

so, all 3 records are now out!
apparently as a collective they sounds similar to "a well made sandwich" (Sanna, Lotty 25.10.08)
i will put a paypal button on our myspace page tomorrow making 'beers' available online, and it will be available from various punk rock boutiques accross the uk by next week;

exist outlet, swansea
damaged records, cardiff
freestyle skatestore, newport
punker bunker, brighton

we are playing on wednesday at tj's, newport and on thursday at the underworld, london with strung out.

for now go and listen to the cutups new song as it is amazing!

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