Tuesday, 22 July 2008


thanks to everyone that came out to our release show the other night, owen kerry, amy and kerry evans for helping us with the record, the slowdance for playing, everyone that helped out with the tour, the promoters, sarah, jon, jay, greg, lil, sam, tae, THE CUTUPS, the dead city stereo, everyone that came down to the show that doesn't live in swansea; it wouldnt have been the same without you guys! dave for filming, stu for taking photos, ric for selling tickets in his shop, trev and morg for selling tickets out the boots of their cars, josh for letting us practice for free, pugs for being the best, the van for surviving, lotty for letting everyone stay at her house, geriant for djing, castle gardens for having a super smooth skating surface, the exeter dudes, and everyone that became a new friend in the process... THANKS!

if you missed the show we will have the new record for sale online by tomorrow, we will also put another song up. by next week it will be in a bunch of record shops around the uk. hopefully tour/release show photos we be online soon also.

the arteries

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