Friday, 12 April 2013

Sunny Europe with The Slooow Death

We are heading to Europe with The Slow Death next month.
Here are all the date;

May 10th - DNA - Brussels, Belgium
May 11th - Carpe Diem - Hasselt, Belgium
May 12th - Baracke - Munster, Germany
May 13th - Rote Flora - Hamburg, Germany
May 14th - Ramones Museum - Berlin, Germany
May 15th - Emil - Zittau, Germany
May 16th - Cafe Na Pul Cesty - Prague, Czech Republic
May 17th - EKH - Vienna, Austria
May 18th - Sub - Graz, Austria
May 19th - Alte Malzerei - Regensberg, Germany
May 20th - Neustad 52 - Schaffausen, Switzerland
May 21st  - Spazio 211 - Turin, Italy
May 22nd - Staccato - Nice, France
May 23rd - Les Capucins - Lyon, France
May 24th - La Miroiterie - Paris, France
May 25th - The Windmill - London, England

See you there.

Monday, 8 April 2013

sun sea and sexy parents

Thanks a bunch if you came out to a show of our over the last few weeks, we had a good time in the UK. Our next show is in Swansea on May 8th and then we're heading to Europe again with The Slow Death. Those dates will be online before the end of the week. In the mean time here is the poster;

and the facebook event page for the swansea show.