Sunday, 18 September 2011

Europe n stuff

We played at Southsea Fest last night, it was a whole lot of fun. we had to do an in and out jobby and leave pretty soon after we played because of work today but boy was it worth the trip. Thank a lot to Tim and El from Southsea DIY for having us!

Our buddy Minty hitched with us for a few days during our UK tour with Twatliners and Old Gay Pilot the other week, he was snapping away, here are some of his photos;

All The Dates have been sorted for our upcoming Euro and Uk tour with Mikey Erg! And The Slow Death. Just take a look over this way ----------->
Watch this space for a tour poster...

Before that happens though, we've got a whole month of fun in Canada and the US with The Flatliners and loads of other dudes. Oh Baby!

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