Friday, 22 April 2011


Sorry that we haven't updated this blog in a while, we've been relatively busy but keeping a low profile i guess. We took a day trip to BBC's Maida Vale a few weeks back to record a live session for the Radio One punk show with MIke Davies. I'm not sure when the songs are getting broadcast but as soon as I know i'll stick the details online. It was a fun day out and seemed to go pretty smoothly, to be honest though, even if we'd had a nightmare of a session it would have been smoother than our first visit a few years ago when the van broke down and we got caught in a 14 hour blizzard, ha! Mitty, the studio engineer was the coolest guy ever. at one point he was sitting back casually telling us stories about the time that Nirvana were recording their songs in the same room, as if it was just any other band and just another day at the office for him. What a dude!

We're heading out on tour in the UK tomorrow. We're starting in the big smoke playing this with Broken Few and then aside from getting to go watch the DESCENDENTS (argh!!!) we'll be spending the rest of the tour playing with San Francisco's Dead To Me. we are very excited about that too!

All of the dates are up on the right hand side of this page...

One of the dates is in Swansea, we are putting on the show and hoping for it to be a real hootenanny so if you can make it come on down and have some fun! here is the poster;

You can get tickets online RIGHT HERE! they are only £6, the door is going to be £8 on the night so don't be a dumbass, go get one!

We're really disappointed  that Paper + Plastic haven't released our Dead Sea LPs in time for this tour. We're sorry if you were looking forward to picking up a copy at a show, we were really looking forward to actually having them available. We feel like the whole situation is out of our hands, we're still waiting and we're unsure as to when we'll have the records in hand. 

We've been told that it'll be very soon and when ever that may be we'll be sure to have them online in the SWFU shop right away!

If you have pre ordered a copy from Paper + Plastic, please get in touch with them and and ask where your records are. We feel terrible keeping anyone that wants a copy enough to spend money on it in advance waiting on our behalf. 

In Other news, we've just found out that we'll be playing with FACE TO FACE in august! 
Tim can now die happy.


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