Wednesday, 2 February 2011

AA/DC (the final chapter)

Since our last post we have passed through; Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia, Poland, Germany and France. Getting out of Russia and back into the EU wasn't as bad as we had expected, it took a while and was a total pain in the arse loading all the stuff in and out of the van multiple times in the freezing cold only for a sniffer dog to find out that, at this point in our rock 'n' roll careers, we aren't hard drug smugglers but generally was a pretty smooth operation.

After another insane amount of driving and waiting around at a shopping centre, we got to the venue in Riga, Latvia. It was about 10 am, we all hit the hay then woke up in time to sound check and play the show. The venue was great, as were the promoters. We played one of the most fun shows of the tour, drank a lot of latvian whisky and cheap champagne and danced the night away to a sound track of Aerosmith, Cyndi Lauper, Van Halen and good ol' Bonnie T. It was a lot of fun, the best part was that our beds were already set up in the rooms upstairs and we didn't have to hit the road for at least 8 hours!

The next show we played was in poland, we had a cancelation which turned into a driving day with an overnight stay at a hostel in warsaw poland. we drank a bunch of polish beer and spewed out a bunch of polish beer shortly afterwards, it sucked! as did the show the next day, oh well.

The next stop was Regensberg, Germany. the drive to the show was long (of course it was!) BUT it was the last drive that all 9 of us would share in our new found home that was a hired Ford Transit. As van crazy as everybody had turned, we were all bummed that the tour together with ASTPAI was coming to an end. The show was great, ASTPAI were on fire, they were actually on fire at every other show too, they slay live. At the end of our set Jenks and Zock doubled up their guitar heads and we played a quick, 6 man AC/DC show to a room full of head bangers, it was the perfect way to finish this thing. 


The next day we got back into our van and headed to Herensberg, Germany to play Out Of Step Fest. It was also LIGHTS OUT!'s last show. the place was completely packed out with German punkers, it was awesome. LIGHTS OUT! absolutely killed it, what a way to go out! Next we headed to Paris, the food was great, the show was great, the company was great. Our friend Till organised it all, thanks Till! Our last show in the mainland was in Le Havre, France, we've played there a few times before and it's always a really good time. Bertrand is the host with the most, in this case 'the most' refers to booze. We woke up really early after the show and headed to Calais to cross the British Channel. Once back in the UK we drove to get a Taco Bell, what a treat that was. 

Our UK tour starts tonight in Birmingham, come and get loose at the shows please. 

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