Monday, 17 January 2011

AA/DC so far so gute

hey, so where 7 days into this tour, we started last week playing portsmouth, thanks so much to El and Tim for looking after us and being great hosts, it was a real good send off. after a few hours sleep we left south sea and travelled directly to austria. it was a long trip, it took nearly 21 hours and rained like a mother fucker the whole way, but we made it so what the heck! it was the early hours of the morning when we arrived in wiener neustadt (ASTPAIville) and there was a tasty meal an a room full of mattresses waiting for us. we slept off the caffeine and stir-crazy-inside-the-van-for-20-hours-feeling and then we were good to go! 

since then we played and travelled through Austria, Hungary and now we are in Romania, every show so far has been really good, it's awesome to visit be somewhere that we have never even been close to before and have people come out to the show and enjoy themselves, especially when the drives in-between the cities are long and really frickin' sketchy as shit! yesterday's drive was pretty incredible, we spent 8 hours driving through the romanian mountains on the way to the capital city, bucharest. you see stray dogs on almost every corner. and some of the views were pretty amazing. BANGERS told us of how they spotted a road side bear when completing the same journey so i spent every second that i was awake hoping to see a grizzly tearing something apart, no joy, oh well.

the show in bucharest last night was a whole lot of fun, we hung out at the bar for a few hours once we were all packed up and enjoyed some romanian beers and then some romanian chip and chilli kebabs that didn't cost much more than a quid each! we are supposed to be playing in lasi, in eastern romania tonight but we found out last night that the man has shut down the venue because of illegitimate paperwork or some shit. having a night off blows, especially when your paying for a hire van by the day but when there is nothing you can do about it you just have to keep on keepin' on. the silver lining is that we now have time to go and check out this happening capital city for a few hours before heading directly to moldavia. we've decided to use this night off as extra border crossing time as we've heard a lot of hour stories of corrupt border patrol officers and painfully slow queues.

here is one of the friendly pooches that we met at a petrol station

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