Wednesday, 24 November 2010

home for the holidays

we are back home right now and staying put until january, the last 3 months have been a lot of fun, thanks again to everyone that helped us out, there were a lot of you, we really appreciate it! we are all working or at least trying to get work over december and the first week of january and then we are off on tour again. we're heading to eastern europe for a few weeks with our good friends ASTPAI and as soon as we get back to the UK we will be on tour for the best part of two weeks with THE FLATLINERS and OK PILOT, exciting stuff! all of the dates will be online really soon, there are still a couple of things to figure out so bare with us...

here is a poster for our tour in january, we will have a2 screen sprints available at the shows, i'm guessing that not that many people that follow this here blog will be at those shows so if you would like a poster before we leave please get in touch and we can sort that out;
this month's HUCK magazine includes a feature about us and the release of dead sea etc. it looks swell and so does the rest of the content so go and get yourself a copy...

in other news THIS 7"
is finally going to happen, it should be available early in the new year!

here are some more photos that never got uploaded from our trip down the east coast last month, all of the really swish ones were snapped by Owen Pillai;

i think that covers everything, SSSSNAKES are playing some shows this month as The Ramonessss. stay tuned for all the tour dates...

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