Monday, 11 October 2010


we're in belfast right now, it seems pretty cool. we haven't really seen much of the city other than the venue and the promoter's friends house. we went there for some food a minute ago, he had a cool dog named jessica that jumped all over us. dogs rule!

on the way over here today we saw a rock star mural painted on the side of a building that featured the likes of slash, blondie, bowie, ozzy, prince and a bunch more, tim wanted to get involved! 
it was a pretty intense piece of art, above this, out of shot was a rock star heaven section that featured jim morrison, phil lynott etc. and then above that there was a huge image of elvis touching fingers with god, fucking eh! what's weird is that there was no sign of the all time rock hero anywhere!?

 after that we hung out near a lake for a few hours and kicked a football around...
PunkNews.Org are streaming Dead Sea for your listening pleasure so go check it out...

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