Sunday, 12 September 2010

get wild

so far so good, we've played 3 shows and 2 have been really fucking fun the other one was just ok but somehow the venue got us a hotel room which is great as we have been able to shower and pillage the breakfast buffet for future eating.

our good friend minty took a few snaps at the show in kingston on thursday night;

it was a whole lot of fun, Sauna Youth and Social Club were really fucking good! Foster of Pacer was also pretty entertaining throughout the night i wish i could quote him on here but i fear for his safety. thanks very much to microphone head for being a wonderful host.

last night we made a bunch of king of the road style challenges for the rest of the shows they include stuff like 'death metal song introductions' and 'YMCA dance bridge' hopefully Bangers will get lumped with all the embarrassing ones, fingers crossed! tonight we are playing in Le Harve, Fr, we are each going to try and pull of a cover song from 'Enema Of The State.' i'm not sure which song we're going to pick yet but the plan is to learn it in the van later today.

you can still pre order our new record from SPS! here is a review that punktastic did for us.

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