Friday, 5 February 2010

Recording El's songs the other week...

A couple of weeks ago we went down to Pete Miles in Devon to record two songs that our lovely friend El Morgan had written and then sent to us (the demos that El sent us are on her myspace page 'blah blah blah' and 'ballroom') to be turned into arteries kinda songs (but with El on vocals) for the B Side of a split 7" with Kelly Kemp and Bangers doing to the sort of thing (but with Kelly's songs) on the A Side. 

anyways... so we got to Pete's at about 2pm on the sunday and waited around for a couple of hours as we hadn't spoken for a couple of days and the last time we talked we just said 'sunday afternoon.' Once it got to to 5pm we started to worry, and we couldn't get hold of Pete! once we did, it turned out that there had been some confusion as to wether or not the session had been confirmed and at the time Pete was in Brighton, oh dear!

That day was the only day that ourselves and El could get together to record the songs so we decided that we may as well wait for Pete and just blast them out when he got home. So that's what we did, but stuff like this always seems to take longer than expected... Pete made it home by about half past midnight , by the time we had all drank a couple of coffees , and everything was set up/miked up and sound checked it was gone 2am before we hit record! Once we got going we got through the songs really quickly, i think we ended up using the first take for one and the 3rd take for the other, then we had a listen back, Pete set up ready to record the vocals, then El laid down her vocals, Miles laid down his back ups and then we spent way too long messing around with about 10 seconds of gang vocals at the end of one of the songs, by the time we were done it has gone 4am, but we were all wired on coffee so Pete suggested that we demo a bunch of new songs!

Pete's dog Ali had had enough!

We left Devon at 6am on the monday and drove back to Swansea (via Bristol) hitting all the morning rush hour traffic outside every city on the way and got home at 10am - it was a pretty strange 24 hours to say the least!
But... The songs came out sounding cool! right now they are being mixed and mastered with the Bangers tracks and then i guess they will be out on 7" asap, i'm not sure of any other info on the release but we will keep you posted.

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