Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Xmas show photos and some other stuff...

Here are some photos that our friend Stuart Argue took at our Xmas show on December 21st in Swansea...

There are more in an alum on our facebook page

We aren't playing any shows this month because of physics exams, but we are recording a couple of songs for a 7" some time at the end of the month - Specialist Subject records are putting out a another split record;
Sida A will feature 2 songs with written by Kelly Kemp but played by BANGERS and Side B will feature 2 songs written by El Morgan but played by us... more info on this release soon!

In February we are playing Brighton Zine Fest '10 and a couple of shows with THE PLIGHT and THE COMPUTERS.
In March we are doing a short but extensive UK tour with BANGERS, as well as a few shows with PBC and SHOOK ONES.
Dates, Posters and all that crap will be up on here soon!

In other news, i made a blog for the art stuff that i do, check it out!

oh yeah, one more thing - it's seems quite far away but we are booked in to record our second full length LP in June...

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Tom said...

You guys do Physics degrees at Swansea University? May well be going there next year to do a physics degree! haha
Anyway, keep up the good work!