Monday, 7 December 2009

Some Videos...

We played a show at The Cross Kings in London in June (i think) and someone has put our set up on You Tube, they must have had the camera linked up to the sound desk or something because it sounds pretty good. This was the fist show that we ever played Nail Scale at and it was probably one of the first times that we played Mutual friends too. Anyways, it's in three parts - check it out below...

We are playing two shows this week with Dillinger Four, we are pretty excited!
We are playing at The Underworld in Camden Town, London on Thursday and at The Fleece in
Bristol on Saturday, The Cut Ups are playing that show too.
Come out at have fun!

Our friend Nathan has just opened up a new shop in Exeter. It's called 'No Guts No Glory' check
out the website here.

News about the SWFU! Christmas show coming very soon...

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nearerdark said...

Hello, I was the one that filmed those videos - I wasn't actually linked up to the soundboard, I was just using the integral mic on a handycam, while standing on a slightly wobbly bench at the back to avoid picking up any PA distortion.
Hope you like 'em!