Thursday, 24 December 2009

Last weekend

We had an awesome couple of days, we played with Snuff and The Computers at the Garage in London last Saturday, at Punk n Bowl III in Bloomsbury on Sunday and had our Xmas show in Swansea on Monday with Portraits, Bangers and The Computers - we had a blast!
thanks so much to everyone that came along, made things possible, helped us out, we really appreciate it!

Our friend Stu was snapping photos all night at the Swansea show, we should have them from him soon, For now there is a Punk n Bowl Photo album on our face book page.

In Other news, Blood Sweat & Beers Made Big Cheese Magazine's top 100 list of '09, I think we probably have Ian Chaddock to thank for that, if so, cheers dude!


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MattWPBS said...

Yello. Some others from Punk 'n' Bowl here: