Saturday, 24 October 2009

couple o things

So our friend's in the band BANGERS had this idea of putting out a 7" featuring new songs from a bunch of UK bands that are going to be playing this years FEST 8.He asked us to be one of the bands featured on the record, it sounded like a great idea so we said yes but the problem was that we didn't know when we were going to be able to record a song for it.
This was all a couple of months ago, and at the time we had a busy couple of weeks/months ahead with various tours. Andrew (from Bangers) said that he needed the song ASAP so i called Pete Miles to see if he had any free studio time over the next week or so. He told me that he was completely swamped and the only time that he could fit us in was that very night!this phone call was made at about 5:30pm, Pete's studio is a good 4 hour drive from Swansea and weren't even able to leave until 7:30 because one of us was in work that day.Here's the other thing, the only new/unspoken for song that we had at the time was written about 2 days before and we had probably only run through it fully once or twice...Even so, we jumped in the van and headed to Pete's in Devon, by the time we got to him it was midnight. Luckily BANGERS had been recording that day so there was already a backline set up, everything was ready to go.We nailed a few cups of coffee and gave it a try.The first take was actually pretty good considering, Jenks had to write his guitar solo in the van on the way there!
Pete came in and told us that the coffee was too strong, we were too loud, then miles came in and said that we played it too fast and too sloppy, we took some deep breathes waited for the green light and gave it another shot. nailed it - i don't know why we don't do all of our recording sessions in the middle on the night, unprepared and buzzed on caffeine!
All we had to do then was wait for Miles to lay down his vocal track (which we had never heard before!) then we were done, Pete burned the song onto a CD told us to leave and off we went- we were in and out in just over an hour!
To cut a long story short...This 7" is Almost out and for a very limited time you can download the whole thing completely free of charge!That's a brand new song from us, OK Pilot, Bangers and Brothers for FREE!
You can also pre - order the record, i think it will be out next week.
Visit the SPECIALIST SUBJECT RECORDS website for all the details...
In other news (I mentioned this a while ago, but I wasn't supposed to I guess, so now it's real news.)BlACK NUMBERS are releasing our bubble gum pink 'Blood, Sweat & Beers' LP in the US!
Exciting weeks up ahead -

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