Monday, 10 August 2009

many exciting things...


So we have recently been quite busy planning stuff, writing stuff, practicing stuff and recording stuff. Last Friday we spontaneously drove down to Devon to record another new song with Pete Miles in the middle of the night. It was pretty fun, we left Swansea late because Tim was working 'til 8, by the time we got to Pete's it was 11pm we set up and rocked out the song live, it's called 'Nail Scale.' it was so new that Miles' vocals take was the first time any of us had heard the words and Jenks pretty much wrote his solo in the van on the way there.

So now we have 5 brand spanking new songs recorded and ready to be put onto records... we are pretty excited about the releases! ;

- 2 songs, 'Shitty Band' and 'Mutual Friends' are going on a split 7" with the mighty CUT UPS.

- 2 songs, 'Paying For The Name' and 'Turborocket' are being featured on a 7" as part of the 'Art Of The Underground' single series!

- and 'Nail Scale' will be featured on a 4 way split 7" (pretty appropriately) named 'Brits Abroad' along with our friends BANGERS, BROTHERS and OK PILOT.

All 3 of these 7 inches will be out this October. We will stick some of the new songs online on myspace or some shit soon.

Some more good news is the news that Black Numbers are going to re-release our debut album 'Blood, Sweat & Beers' on pink 12" (also this October) the record is going to be ready in time for our east coast tour with STATIC RADIO n.j. down to Fest 8, hopefully we will still have plenty of copies to bring back to the UK with us.

that is pretty much it i think, we have a lot to do, there is artwork to be done, wax colours to decide, sleeves to fold and print - jeez, it's gunna be a busy couple of months, but fuck yeah life's a garden dig it, right?

i will leave you with some pretty recent live photos that i stole from our friend Owen's flikr page;

(thanks Owen.)

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