Saturday, 4 July 2009


We are doing a bunch of shows next week, go to our myspace page to see the details, the first show is in Brixton at the windmill, it's on Tuesday, the last show is in Cardiff at Welsh club with our friends, Portraits and Harbour, it's on Friday and the ones in between are in Brighton and Exeter.

The mini tour that we played the week before last was a blast!
Many MANY thanks to everyone that put us on and all the great bands and people that we got to spend time with, especially; BANGERS, ABOVE THEM the Portsmouth dudes, Dave, Mike, THE CUT UPS and THE COMPUTERS!

We played a show with BANGERS in our friend Steve 'microphonehead' s flat in Kinston the morning after the show in London, it was loads of fun (thanks Steve!) somehow it didn't get shut down. we played a bunch of covers and a bunch of our own songs, as did BANGERS, at one point Rhys, Roo and I sort of played a cover of 'Six Pack' by BLACK FLAG - Roo learnt it in the toilet moments before...

A bunch of photos were taken but i don't know who took them, if i get my hands on any i will upload them. Our friend Kerry filmed some of it on her sexy new iphone - here is some of the footage;

'3 Cats, Sunday afternoon bedroom show 21.06.09'

'Hope (DESCENDENTS cover) Sunday afternoon bedroom show 21.06.09

We are running pretty dam low on copies of the 'Sweat' and 'Beers' 10"s and are totally out of 'Blood's. Recently we printed up the last bunch of 'Beers' in LTD. edition pink, get 'em while they're hot!!!

i think we are going to do some new shirts soon too...

hopefully catch you at one of our shows next week!

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