Thursday, 16 July 2009

recording with Pete

On monday we spent the day with Pete Miles at his home/studio in the beautiful Devonshire countryside and recorded four new songs; two to go on our forthcoming split 7" with The Cut Ups and two to go on something else...

Recording the songs went really well, we did everything live apart from vocals, it was a sweaty blast!

here are some photos from the day;

pete had an awesome dog named, Ali

this is the live room, Pete has loads of good equipmentthe photo is upside down but he had a pedal that was pretty fitting for Tim.

Our mate Nathan came down with us to take photos

Miles got into it... oh wait
The Cut Ups guys came down later on in the day to help out with some backing vocals...

... The legend of Squat Breath came too!

Nathan took a load of photos during the day, he is going to put some sort of documentary zine together later on in the year, check out his website here. here are a few that he took when we went for a swim in the river that runs through Pete's garden!

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