Thursday, 12 March 2009

plymouth last week

we played plymouth last week, it was fun apart from the fact that our brand new van broke down as we were leaving!
on the way there we stopped in buckfast and went to buckfast abby to buy some tonic wine

miles usually never buys anything but that day he bought a fancy chocolate bar for £2.50 - it must have been the monk sweat in the air!
we also stopped at the otter and butterfly sanctuary, it turns out that buckfast is a pretty happening place. the sanctuary was closed but it didn't matter because you could see the little buggers over and under the fence.
one of them came right up and stuck his little face through the gap, he even gave me a low ten;

jenks was scared of the otters!

our friend shelley bones did a write up of the show and posted it on her blog...

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