Monday, 12 January 2009

pretty much a load of photos... and some news

our friend stu took a whole bunch of good photos at our album release show. here are some of our favourites;

our friend kayla also took a couple of cool looking shots on a disposable camera;

nic from the computers took a bunch of good photos about a month back at the household name xmas show. here are a couple of those shots;

when we played in brighton on in december we dressed up as robots, rhys had a camera with him and took this photo as me and miles wrapped jenks up in foil;

we had a fun show at the croft in bristol on friday (thanks to dave for the hook up.) we managed to get a free pineapple from the service station on the way home ;)

then last night we played a couple of our own songs and messed up a bunch of other peoples songs at motzart's in swansea. it was for our friend kerry's supprise birthday party - it was good fun, then we played wii and went for a nando's.

we have a couple of shows happening this month and in february, check out our myspace page here to see the details. and we are currently in the process of logistically working out a tour with a great band from new jersey in march - all the deatils regarding that will online asap.

that's all for now...

if you are bored on sunday afternoon, come to this;

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