Saturday, 27 December 2008

big cheeses

this months 'big cheese' magazine features a photo of us guys - check it out;

(click it to make it bigger)

'Blood, Sweat & Beers' was reviewed at the back too...

(same goes for this)

the lovely folks at also reviewed our album, check that out here...

here are some photos from the exeter xmas party last week;

there are more tour photos to come, im just waiting for josh city stereo to pull his finger out and email them to me.


Sweet and Tender Hooligan said...

Yo guys,

Its marcus - sweet deals all round by the look of it.

Check out my blog in the next few days - should be some The Arteries related big ups happening.

nickysays said...

is it me or are those fuel girl legs above you guys a little "too" tanned?