Wednesday, 10 December 2008

2 mini tours and police stories

we played the Household Name Xmas show last sunday in brixton, it was fun - The Cut Ups were AMAZING!
we stopped by Lil and Katherine's house on the way to pick up copies of our new album and meet his cats, that was cool.
Pugs had stuff to do in the morning so he couldn't come up with us, he managed to make the show in the end though which was cool, he brought this little drawing with him too...

it took us a good while to get home. it was about quarter to four, we were almost at rhys' house then all of a sudden we were getting pulled over by an unmarked police car. it turns out i was doing 61 in a 30 zone, oops.
so anyway, im sitting there thinking, 'that's it, i'm fucked you get your license taken off you if you double the speed limit.'
the police man took me into his car and asked me a bunch of questions, he was actually pretty cool which was a suprise. somehow i just got let off with a warning - sweet!
he even gave me this pretty note for the blog...

what a nice young man.

we are doing 2 mini tours with The Dead City Stereo leading up the the album release show. here is a poster with the dates on;

come to the shows and say hi!
one show that is not on it is the SBF xmas show, it's at cardiff barf lie on maonday - come to that too!

that's all for now...

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