Monday, 24 November 2008

recording a bbc session

we were at stir studios in cardiff all day yesterday recording 4 songs for a live session that is going to be played this wednesday (i think) on the bethan elfyn show on radio one.
we got to the studio just after 10 am, we set up and then sat around whilst the studio engineer miked up all of our shit. it was a good while before we actually did anything so to pass the time we sat up stairs, drank a load of coffee and tried to get the playstation to work but with no cigar :(
but hey! - we weren't worried as soon as we realised that channel five was playing 'K-9' what an awesome film! there was a really good bit where james belushi is eating a cream cake and jerry lee manages to get it all over his face - dogs that eat cream cakes are funny i guess.

so eventually we started recording...

richard the producer gave us a headphones mix and off we went. during the first take my headphones kept falling off, this was pretty annoying so miles duck taped them to my head to prevent it happening again.

we recorded 3 of our own songs, a descendents cover and a 10 second radio jingle, it took about half an hour, then we had some food...
after the food, miles started laying down his vocals, meanwhile the rest of us looked at some magazines that were lying around. i found a photo of tim in an old issue of kerrang!

and tim found an old copy of NME with jenks on the cover (what are the chances?..)

miles got through his vocals pretty quickly - so we were done. all we had to do now was wait for richard to give us a mix so we went back upstairs to watch stuff on t.v. matilda was on so we watched that. tim and jenks got the train to bristol to go and see paul gilbert. so me, miles and rhys hung out and ate bowls of weetos which was nice.

the songs came out pretty cool, it was fun to do a descendents cover and a good day! check it out on the radio

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