Friday, 24 October 2008

'beers' midnight sweat shop

so all the 'beers' records arrived yesterday, they clear beer coloured vinyl looks really sweet. but guess what?

- the funcking idiots that work at the covers factory fucked up leaving us without any cardboard sleeves to put the records into, geez - some people suck!

owen came up with a great plan b and rhys and amy went straight to the print lab to experiment with brown paper. they came up with a folding and sticking technique that results in a beautiful brown paper record sleeve (thanks for the help amy!)
after amy had taught myself and lotty how to make the sleeves she went howe to do homework, rhys cut all the paper to size and we cut, folded and stuck until the early hours of this morning (thanks lotty!)

then pugs showed up with milk for tea and helping hands. he drew a flyer for a show that him and trev are putting on with a crab on it.

rhys showed him how to stamp the records and he got down to it (thanks pugs!)

(sorry that this is sideways, i can't be bothered to sort it out)

owen and kerry then came to help too! owen sorted out the screen so that rhys to start screen printing the sleeves that we had been making and kerry wrote 'side a' and 'side b' on all the reocrds (thanks owen and kerry!)
rhys got printing, the ship design came out pretty cool...

rhys continued to print into the very early hours. i went back to the print room this morning. rhys, amy and kerry evans were alreay there numbering the records and putting the inserts into the sleeves. they are still doing it right now, we have to go play in leamington spa tonight with the computers, we are also playing tomorrow night in guildford with the computers so we have pretty much run out of time before the release show. no doubt owen, kerry, kerry evans and amy will tottally save our asses (as usual) and help us out with anything that we don't get done. (thank you so much dudes!!!)

here is a sneak preview of the finished product, it took a lot of work so get into it!

you get all this lovely shit for FREE if you have a ticket at the show on sunday, so go get a ticket if you don't have one already!
there are some left in the exist shop, if you buy one online off our myspace page you can pick it up off the door on sunday...

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