Thursday, 14 February 2008

Blood, Sweat and Beers

The Arteries are releasing an album this year!

Now you've regained your composure we can get to the really exciting stuff.

Instead of just recording the album, organising an awesome release party where you can all buy the CD and then spend the rest of 2008 wishing you had something to look forward to, those crazy cats in the Arteries decided to double TRIPLE the excitement!

Blood, Sweat & Beers is set to join the ranks of other legendary trilogies, such as The Godfather, The little Mermaid and The Mighty Ducks...
To ensure 2008 is rocking from start to finish we're going to have 3 release Parties during the year, and you get a free copy of a super limited edition 10" Coloured Vinyl at each one! Then the album (of the 3 Vinyls) will be available at the final release party!

So not only do you get your party on 3 times, but you also get a totally bodacious Vinyl record for your efforts, everyone's a winner!

The 10" EP's will also feature exclusive tracks that won't be available anywhere else, not even the album!

The only way to make sure you get your mitts on the limited edition records is to bag yourself a ticket, so get involved!!!

Get your ticket now for the bargain bin price of just £4!
no ticket = no party = no fun,
don't miss out!

Go absolutely crazy,
get your tickets for ALL 3 GIGS now for the bargain bin price of a tenner!
Guarantee you get all 3 RECORDS!
Only £10 to become totally radical!

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