Saturday, 22 September 2007

beach day at practice

ok, so we aren't really playing much until november. so at the moment we are writing new songs.
we were planning to record a full length in january but arent doing that anymore, we are still recording in january but its just going to be about 4 songs, which will be released as 1 part of a 3 part ep series that will eventually make up an album, but this all needs to be explained some other time so that it actually makes sense.
ANYWAY! all this is besides the point!

the point is that we have written a song called 'Beach Day' in loving memory of the shitty summer that we just had. its 30 seconds long and we are going to record it asap so that we can stick it on line. just to keep both of you intrigued here are the lyrics...

i've got my spade
i've got my bucket
tell my boss, he can suck it!
i'm gunna burn
i never learn i don't care...


the water's clear

everyone's in
throw me a beer
lets have a swim
where's all the girls?
it's just us guys
we don't care...



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